Etienne Class was born on September 19, 1972, in Santurce Puerto Rico.

The art and the temptations marked the artist a lot later, who comes to have a confusion of talent or desires that derail the human being in adolescence. Etienne's artistic interests were street and urban.

At the time of the 80s the graffiti movement was the most street and vandalism, which is now the most active worldwide. In high school he take a class as an art elective, the artist draws to draw but he has been the best in class and all his friends admire him and his teacher. His teacher reassigns him to an Associacion del Corazon poster event in PR, and Etienne wins first place.

It is the first time that the artist has been impacted by the reaction of the people and the value of his talent, winning the first price $300 prize.


Between the temptations and not having a very deep knowledge of his talent and not knowing his person. Etienne stops drawing for a few years, leaves the university to be vandalizing and wasting the time of his life. It is not known that he admired the talent of his father Freddie Class with his details for realism and continuing to paint.

Among the lost times he knows music. Ruben blades and Tupac Shakur was an inspirational therapy that the artist got his attention and got the message that he could paint.


In 2001 he had contact with a gallery in San Juan PR, and he prepared his first exhibition entitled Evolution. It defines the difference in the way of life from the peasant to the citizen of his native country. His trajectory starts from here ...


The artwork produced by Etienne Class channels the unconscious as a means of unlocking the power of the imagination and reveals the contradictions in the everyday world and within modern society. His latest series, Habit Routine, examines human behaviors that are common in today's culture and tend to occur unconsciously. The work brings to life a new understanding of human nature and its transformative potential.


He creates unique art that embodies the manifestation of his life and culture, conveying a unique visual story through the use of specific images, symbols, and color, which are intuitively unfolding during the creative process; stemming from the depths of Etienne’s core persona and emotions.

Artes Plastica San Juan PR / Barchiderato Art and Graphics, (1990) - (1996).

Miami University Art of Design / Fashion, (2010) - (2012). 


• Art / Enlaces Gallery in P.R. Art Exhibit "Evolution" (2000 - 01).

• Art / Candela Gallery in P.R. Solo Exhibit "Portadas" (2001).


• Interior Design / Course in Sagrado Corazon University P.R." (2002).


• Art / Space Gallery Collaboration Exhibit {2006 - 07).


• Art / Butter Gallery / Collaboration Exhibit {2007 - 08).


• Art / Artes las Americas Exhibit Collaboration and Honored Regions Bank {2010).


• Art / Wynwood Art mural for Art Basel (2014).


• Art / Exhibit in Coconut Grove Bank Open Show (2016)


• Art / Exhibit in LRS NYC Poet's Gallery NYC (2016).

(El beso del Jabali) Project (2016).


• Art / Shows Live Painting more than 20 places.


• Fashion Week 2010-2011 (Dressing, Staff).


• Fashion / AOF Competition 2010 San Francisco

(Accessories of the 10 Best Design selected).


• Fashion / Saks Fifth Avenue 2010 (Rebecca Minkoff), 1 of the 10 Best Design selected.


• Fashion / AOF Competition 2011 (Accessories 3th place winner).


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