his repertoire is comprised of contemporary paintings using acrylics, oils, spray paint and mixed media; as well as works on paper and illustrations, made with graphite pencils, China ink, India ink, pigment markers, and ink pen. He is also a fashion designer creating apparel, shoes, and accessories, as well as textiles and home decor. Everything he produces embodies a unique look and feel that captures the essence of Etienne’s signature style.


He creates unique art that embodies the manifestation of his life and culture, conveying a unique visual story through the use of specific images, symbols, and color, which are intuitively unfolding during the creative process; stemming from the depths of Etienne’s core persona and emotions.

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Artes Plastica San Juan PR / Barchiderato Art and Graphics, (1990) - (1996).

Miami University Art of Design / Fashion, (2010) - (2012). 


• Art / Enlaces Gallery in P.R. Art Exhibit "Evolution" (2000 - 01).

• Art / Candela Gallery in P.R. Solo Exhibit "Portadas" (2001).

• Interior Design / Course in Sagrado Corazon University P.R." (2002).

• Art / Space Gallery Collaboration Exhibit {2006 - 07).

• Art / Butter Gallery / Collaboration Exhibit {2007 - 08).

• Art / Artes las Americas Exhibit Collaboration and Honored Regions Bank {2010).

• Art / Wynwood Art mural for Art Basel (2014).

• Art / Exhibit in Coconut Grove Bank Open Show (2016)

• Art / Exhibit in LRS NYC Poet's Gallery NYC (2016).

(El beso del Jabali) Project (2016).

• Art / Shows Live Painting more than 20 places.

• Fashion Week 2010-2011 (Dressing, Staff).

• Fashion / AOF Competition 2010 San Francisco

(Accessories of the 10 Best Design selected).

• Fashion / Saks Fifth Avenue 2010 (Rebecca Minkoff), 1 of the 10 Best Design selected.

• Fashion / AOF Competition 2011 (Accessories 3th place winner).