Etienne Class

Fine Artist/Designer

Etienne Class is the Creative Director at EC Creative Services. Freelancer with experience. Graphic Artist, Designer, Accessories Designer, Interior Designer & Media Producer.

My work captures the essence of a distinct, stylized form of graffiti and the
manifestation of my life and culture. A unique and rich story is being told through the use of specific images, symbols and color, which are intuitively unfolding during the creative process; stemming from the depths of my core persona and my deepest emotions.
I inherently explore the relationship between symbols and their meanings. Two common motifs in particular, which I consistently incorporate into my art, are birds and apples. The bird subconsciously symbolizes freedom and liberation, while the apple represents chance and luck, the possibility of a good or bad outcome.

A variety of visual translations and narratives are embedded within my designs, allowing the viewer to interpret my story and derive their own ideas or conclusions. An inner perspective is being displayed, eliciting feelings and sentiments of an uncommon nature. In creating potent pieces of imagery, my artwork becomes a form of eye candy, enticing the viewer into my world of color, depth and emotion.

• Achievements:

• Art / Enlaces Gallery in P.R. Art Exhibit "Evolution"  (2000 - 01).

• Art / Candela Gallery in P.R. Solo Exhibit "Portadas" (2001).

• Interior Design / Course Study in University P.R." (2002).

• Art / Space Gallery Collaboration Exhibit {2006 - 07).

• Art / Butter Gallery {2007 - 08).

• Art / Ponce de Leon Bank Miami Exhibit Collaboration and Honored {2010).

• Art / Wynwood Art mural for Art Basel (2014).

• Art / Exhibit in LRS NYC Poet's Gallery

"Victoria and Souls Communications paintings"

 (El beso del Jabali) 2015

• Art / Shows Live Painting more than 20 places.

• Miami Fashion Week 2010-2011 (Dressing, Staff).

• Fashion / AOF Competition 2010 (Accessories 1 of the 10 Best Design selected).

• Fashion / Saks Fifth Avenue 2010 (Rebecca Minkoff) 1 of the 10 Best Design selected.

• Fashion / AOF Competition 2011 (Accessories Winner).

• Branding Concept for more than 20 clients.



Vinceo Label, Mena Lombard, Pilar Tarrau, Mystic Joint, Satori Suits, Bloom Boutique, GP Natural Cosmetics, Leonor Artist, Strongtitude Clothing, ISS Audio Sound, Votpam, Jimmy Figueroa Collector, Marian Merly Collector, Beatriz Villegas Collector, Vivente and others.